Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quit picking on our VP!

The GOP is outraged that the mean old press is doing stories on Sarah Palin. They are looking into her record as mayor and governor, and reporting things that are not always positive.

At the same time, tasteless and cruel stories and rumors have sprung up about her family, mostly on the blogosphere. There is no question that this should be out of bounds, although it is amusing, for all politicians, not just Palin, that they are quite willing to use their families to make political hay, but they get uniformly outraged when anything negative is mentioned about those same families.

There is no question that Palin is under immediate and heavy scrutiny. I'm just guessing here, but it could be because she is now the candidate for vice president of the United States! I don't want to try to read the minds of the press, but I think that the motivation may be found there. Of course, none of the other candidate's have been under this sort of scrutiny.

No one has made a big deal about what Obama's pastor said, or what lapel pin he does or doesn't wear. Noooo, no one would do that. No one would write a book accusing Hillary Clinton of murdering someone. They are only picking on Palin.

Of course, even if the press has been unfair and low class about things, no one in the GOP would accidentally, and repeatedly, call Obama, "Osama", well except for when they are on the air and being recorded in the Congressional Record. No one in the GOP would hand out three dollar bill with Obama dressed as a muslim, well except when they do!

It is particularly funny to hear the GOP complain about sexism, after the abuse they have heaped on Hillary Clinton for years.

But we always need to remember, the GOP is the "values" party.

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