Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You were never a number

It was sad to see that Patrick McGoohan had passed away. I realize that as I get older, the stars I enjoyed as a kid are getting MUCH OLDER, but logic cannot stop wistfulness. The Prisoner is still one of the most inventive and thought provoking TV series of which I know. Very 60's, very mod, with wry humor and seriously twisting plots, it starts as a spy series, and wanders into science fiction and surrealism.

It is too bad that he couldn't have lived to see the revisiting of his series on AMC (or maybe it is a blessing, remakes can be an iffy proposition.) Now I have to head over to Netflix and queue up the series. I would buy it, but last time I checked on it, it took 8 DVDs to show 17 episodes and it cost more than I was willing to pay. (Looking it up, I was wrong,it is 10 DVDs!)

Honey! Do you want to visit Portmeirion this summer?


Anonymous said...

Here in Canada, the CBC used to play episodes of "The Prisoner" every Sunday morning. My sister and I hated it, but then it grew on us like a fungus, and I'm so sorry to hear he's gone.

Boomcoach said...

I never got to watch the whole series in the 60's, so it was one of the first things I got hold of when I got one of then new fangled VCR thingies.