Friday, February 26, 2010

Librivox needs your help

For the first time, Librivox is asking for donations. It is a finite fundraiser, i.e. they wish to raise $20,000 for some specific upgrades. Information is below. If you are a fan of Librivox, please consider sending them something to let them know you support them. Here is the letter from Hugh, creator of Librivox.

Dearest LibriVox listeners, volunteers, & supporters:

For four-and-a-half years, LibriVox volunteers have been making audiobooks for the world to enjoy, and giving them away for free. We’ve made thousands of free audiobooks that have been downloaded by millions of people; our site gets 400,000 visitors every month. To date, all our costs have been borne by a few individuals, with some generous donations and support from partners. However, these costs have become too big.

For the first time (and hopefully for the last time for at least another four-and-a-half years) we're asking for your support, for a $20,000 fund-raising campaign.

Find out more about why we are raising money, and about how you can donate by following this link:

Thanks for all your wonderful work over the years, and here's to many many more free public domain audio books.


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Michael Caton said...

Hi there - thanks for this post. I looked you up because I just started listening to your recording of The House on the Borderlands and I'm enjoying it immensely - you have a great story-telling voice. As for location, I was listening to it while I was out running in the desert near San Diego - always fun to think of where these are recorded and where they're listened to. Thanks to you and Librivox!